Tuesday, February 6, 2007

ASP.NET Visio & Smart Card Frameworks.

I came across a nifty new custom control in my RSS feeds this morning . An ASP.NET 2.0 Visio Custom Control. I was expecting some low level programming, utilization of the .NET graphics capabilities, in general the generation of images, based on the data found within a Visio file.

After all, that's what I think when you say custom control - you're building this to display some information or perform some task.

What the article describes though, is the use of the Visio Viewer within IE. So rather than building a custom control which accepts a Visio file as a backend, this is a wrapper for a call to the Visio Viewer ActiveX.

I know, it sounds like I'm being anal. Well it's actually a very large semantical difference and has massive issues with usage, mainly that ActiveX controls are only supported on IE.

But I have found some very, very interesting articles on CodeProject. They are a series of articles describing classes and libraries that can be used to access SmartCards. I'm currently working on a project which deals with Smart Cards so I'm hoping that this can be useful in ensuring that I can use entirely Managed Code as opposed to a mixed bag of managed and unmanaged that is currently in the works.

Even better is that their is an article on using the code on the .NET Compact Framework - which means I might be able to convince the boss to let me build the application for a PDA.


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