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CMMI Technical Solution.

Posted by Stephen Wrighton on 17 Jan 2007

Technical Solution in CMMI is described as thus:
The purpose of Technical Solution is to design, develop, and implement solutions to requirements. Solutions, designs, and implementations encompass products, product components, and product-related life-cycle processes either singly or in combinations as appropriate.

Of course no one ever tells you just what that means - or how to apply it to real life. College courses nowhere build classes around CMMI (because it was created at Carnegie-Melon University as opposed to being developed in-house), so for the most part a degree is a useless piece of paper where CMMI is concerned. And good luck on finding any formal training. A quick Google search revealed pretty much nothing.

Oh well. Hopefully I can teach myself enough to get by, either that or bug our Lead Systems Engineer for the knowledge that I need.

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