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Database Design Document

Posted by Stephen Wrighton on 09 Jan 2007

This is probably the most sneaky of all the documents I'm writing for my current project at work. One would think it would be an easy build, just a simple document telling the design for the database tables.

One would think.

On the surface it is. The document is built in this manner:
  1. Scope
    1. Identification
    2. Database Overview
    3. Document Overview
  2. References
  3. Database-wide Design Decisions
  4. Detailed Design of the Database
    1. Conceptual Design
    2. Physical Design
    3. Data Elements
  5. Detailed Design of Database Access/Manipulation Software
  6. Requirements Traceability
  7. Notes
    1. Acronyms & Abbreviations
    2. Glossary and Definitions
It appears reasonably straightforward, but of course it's not. While I have long been able to design/draw out a database on a whiteboard for implementation - this is the first time in producing one of these documents.

I guess it's not really that hard, at least once the needs document was fully explained to me. I can only assume that my problem came in because I couldn't find any good examples of this document type anywhere.

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