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Windows Home Server

Posted by Stephen Wrighton on 08 Jan 2007

Link to article about Windows Home Server.

I've long desired a simple, home server so that I can do things like store profiles there, which would allow me to share my email data between my disparate PC's. Well it looks like I might be getting my wish.

Or it LOOKED that way, until I was reading up data on this particular product and discovered that it will require the high-level Vista (Vista Ultimate) to get the full range of features out of it.

I am very wary of Vista, the EULA I have read appears very draconian - and even indicates so much that I cannot implement a technical solution on Vista. Very scary theory, but EULA's aren't the topic here.

Quite frankly, if I pay for a product (Windows Home Server) I expect to be able to access ALL of its features - regardless of if I'm on a Windows XP box or a Linux box.

And that also begs the question on will this work nice with other OS's? How will Mac's and linux boxes integrate with the Home Server? Will they be included in the back-up scheme or will it be since they're not Microsoft's product that they'll get left out in the proverbial cold?

No, I was excited about this, but the more I read, the more I think I might just get a linux distro if I ever get around to getting a home server.

UPDATE: The article at this link, tells us that Home Server will be computer agnostic (using SMB to transfer data across the pipe) but it also tells us that any streaming media it provides will be limited more to a Microsoft format. I still like Linux better for a Home Server solution.

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