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Software Design Description

Posted by Stephen Wrighton on 07 Feb 2007

I'm currently writing the Software Design Description (SDD) for the project I'm working on at work.

And it is something tedious.

Of course, that tediousness is offset by the knowledge that I will have almost everything laid out exactly as it is needed to be. What classes I need to create, the properties and methods each of those classes will need, and even the pseudocode for those classes. And let us not forget the section on the UI. Pages, upon pages of mockups, controls attributes, how controls map to data fields, and even the database tables that a particular screen would have access to.

It is 75 (currently) pages of programming goodness, in a nice, safe, Microsoft Word document.

But here's the template which I used for this document. It's based off of the usual DID and other standards.

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