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CogHead and other Miscellenia

Posted by Stephen Wrighton on 14 May 2007

A few weeks ago a webapplication building system came stumbling across my RSS Reader. It was an interesting company by the name of CogHead. I spent a few hours playing with it, and set myself up a Software Bug Tracking system. I like it as a concept, but am hesitant about the usefulness of the application. It's pretty and dynamic and I can create my own little application there in the website, but it's still slow.

I realize that it's a website, but just the creation process is tedious and seems to take forever-especially when you consider that it's built in FLASH. Likewise, what you're supposed to do with a screen while working on the UI or Data Layer is not always clear. In fact at one point, I managed to find a screen where I couldn't enter or modify data and I could actually make the screen go away. Since then I've not been able to replicate that, so I'm not sure if it was just something idiotic that I did or what.

I think I'm more interested in Silverlight (Microsoft's answer to Flash) and it's inherit support of the .NET Framework. On the downside, that's another plugin which will be slowing down my browser.

Then you have to add in Sun's new JavaFX.

Frankly, there's too much being released in too short of a time. I had just gotten comfortable using .NET 1.1 when 2.0 was released, and before I had even finished a single project in 2.0 then 3.0 was released. Additionally, MS has pushed out Expressions and Silverlight. It's enough to make the mind boggle, and as a poor developer I can't seem to catch up. I don't have enough time in the day to code, do family stuff, read, write and learn the onrushing tide of new technologies.

Oh well, such is the mysteries and hardships of being a developer.

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