A Programmer's Dream

Nothing new to report...

Posted by Stephen Wrighton on 05 May 2007

I would have a witty story or something here. But I worked on corrections for an SDD for almost the entire time I was at work. Which of course wasn't long, as I took vacation time and went to see Spider-Man 3 and the company had a celebration for getting one of our major contracts to CMMI ML 3. Then cooking dinner and family time, followed by a trip to the store and then some odds an ends that I've been putting off to work on my freelance project, means that I didn't get any work done on my freelance project.

I did do a bit of help on one project, because of some stupid things Oracle did in their data access classes for .NET. I'll talk about that tomorrow though, it's too late at night for thinking about that right now. I don't want to get frustrated at Oracle, and not be able to sleep.

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