Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Okay, this is just silly....

We're developing an web-application. Not that bad, we have a set of originating requirements, and a number of other design documents. We're using an AGILE methodology because the client isn't entirely certain of just what type of functionality they want.

Strike 1.

Also, the client isn't sure what type of database backend they're going to use, but they think it's Oracle - but it MIGHT be SQL Server.

Strike 2.

And they don't know on which server they're going to deploy this thing. It could be a UNIX box, or it could be under IIS.

Strike 3.

Yes, I definitely feel like I've struck out with this project. Unclear requirements and then top that off with the fact that we might not be able to develop in our primary development environment.

I may have to learn RUBY or some other arcane language in order to translate all my .NET code into something that can run happily on a 'NIX box.

It just hurts my head. Yet, at the same time, they won't let me go ahead and just learn RUBY because it might still be deployed on an IIS box, so they don't want the overhead of me learning a new language.

It's at this point, when I have an aneurysm.

Oh well, I have a pretty new design now, so I think I'll go bang my head against the wall for a bit.


Anonymous said...

Definition of Software Engineering: Learning how to "make it so" when it should be thrown in the trash.

Welcome to the world of Professional IT.

Stephen Wrighton said...

heh... you're sounding about as cynical as I am...

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