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The Portable Web-Development Toolkit

Posted by Stephen Wrighton on 13 Jun 2007

An interesting article stumbled across my RSS Reader entitled The Portable Web Development Toolkit.

Basically, it is a web development & testing environment that can fit on a thumb drive (with at least 512MB of room).

So, I downloaded bits and peices of it (XAMPP, the portable web server mainly) and stuck it on my thumbdrive and tried to use it at the house.

And failed. It wouldn't serve my pages.

A tad frustrated, I took it to work, and all it managed to do was screw around with my IIS and caused me to need to reboot my machine.

Even more frustrated, I realize that I'm going to have to figure out someway to do testing on my little PHP thing. So, I checked to see if my webserver (hosted by GoDaddy) still ran PHP. Happily it appeared to do so - at least until I tried to connect to a database. So now, I'm having to contact GoDaddy support and figure out if it's just an issue with the Windows hosting or if they've removed PHP from the windows hosting all together.

Lucky me.

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