A Programmer's Dream


Posted by Stephen Wrighton on 04 Sep 2007

I know that I've been neglecting this blog recently, but there's a valid reason for this.
  1. I was on vacation, which meant that I was away from work, and totally not thinking about programming.
  2. See Above.
  3. I'm working on a pretty new layout
In all actuality, I'm plugging away on a number of different things, amusingly enough, most of the stuff I've been doing recently has been traditional programming. I'm not using the full power of .NET and it's abilities to create and destroy controls on the fly. What I've been playing with most has been AJAX via the PROTOTYPE library. Sure, I'm doing a lot of interesting things, such as hijacking links, but in the end, and if you take away the JS, it is literally a number of webpages which behave exactly like traditional webpages should.

To the two of you who routinely check this page, thanks!

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