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JC App take 2

Posted by Stephen Wrighton on 09 Dec 2008

Well, after a bit of an issue on the little application I tossed together to deal with PM Lists over at the forums for TheForce.Net, I quickly got another version of it cobbled together and out to Codeplex (available here).

Now, what issues you may ask? Well, first and foremost, was an installation error having to deal with an IEFrame.dll dependency (which I assume was from WATIN). Of secondary concern I had left a message box in there, which spat out the name during every pass of sending a PM.

But, I've got those dealt with (at least I didn't receive errors when installing), and I also made a few extra modifications to the little application. The Version change Log is thus:
  • Fixed Installer Issue
  • Added option to hide the browser window while app is working
  • Turned app into multi-threaded application
  • Cleaned up the Source code
  • Added a "waiting" animation while process is running
It's nice and simple, and hopefully easy to use.

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