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The Expanded Universe (.com!)

Posted by Stephen Wrighton on 12 Jan 2009

I'm a geek, and as such I have multiple and myriad, and often conflicting, interests. One such interest, as evidenced by the sheer number of blogs I have out there, is writing. Yet, above that, I love reading.

Which is why I enjoyed the Ficlets.com website so much. I mean here was something which allowed for numerous stories, and thousands of potential sequels, and prequels to those stories.

Then AOL decided to close it down. Talk about a bummer.

So, since I am a geek, I decided to rebuild the website from the ground up (which is where TheExpandedUniverse.com comes in). I don't have all the functionality which ficlets.com has, at least yet, but that's okay, as I have the fundamental aspects: stories can be written, sequels & prequels to said stories can be written, and people can read and vote for them.

Talk about fun :D.

Well, I found it fun. Even the coding of the website was fun. I learned a host of new things, including LINQ to SQL and how to utilize Markdown and OpenID in a .NET web application.

So, it's there, it's running; now I just get to go back in and add in the missing functionality.

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