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Sometimes, I'm Just Soooo Smart

Posted by Stephen Wrighton on 16 Feb 2009

The CD-ROM on my PC is dead. It's been dead for a couple months, and I've not really thought about it, as I've been planning on getting a new one soon. Well, it became an issue, as I purchased some tax software to do my taxes--and when I went to install it I came up hard against that issue.

Not a problem, I'm a geek--more importantly, I'm a software geek.

As such, I have all sorts of things at my disposal in order to bypass this--namely, a bit of software called "Virtual CloneDrive." What this guy does is it allows me to mount a ISO image as virtual drive.

So, being the geek that I am, I went down to the office, and used the CD-ROM on my PC there to make an image of the disc and shoved it onto my thumb drive so that I could install it at home.

But, that's not the good part of my story for today; that's not the part of the story which warrants the title for this part.

No, the good part is that AFTER all that hassle, of making a special trip, across town to my office (a nearly 30 minute drive mind you) on the way home, me an the wife stopped at Circuit City to check out if there were any good deals left as there were just a few days before they closed for good (two Saturdays ago, I got a 1TB Network HDD for half price).

Well, while there, I found a game that I had thought interesting, but not worth the $40 price tags that games usually come with. Well, it was only a bit over $6, and it well was worth that particular purchase price, so I got it.

So, then me and the wife left, and she started teasing me about purchasing the game. Mainly, taking the stance that it's been a few months since I've bothered playing a game, and here I was getting a new one.

At which time I was about to tell her that I hadn't played a game recently because my drive was dead.

And the realization of the entire reason for the trip to the office that morning once more slammed into me.

It was enough to make me literally stumble in a step.

All, in all, a sequence of events which my beloved wife found infinitely amusing.

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