Sunday, February 28, 2010

1,000 Downloads for eComic

eComic Download countThe latest version of eComic has been downloaded 1,000 times.   I'm all sorts of stoked about that!

Even cooler is that when I checked the counts this morning, I managed to grab a screen-grab where it clearly states that there has been 1,000 downloads.



Clay Blackwelder said...

How do you load something into this contraption? I don't have any comic book files... where's the help items, man?! It won't open MS Word docs... it won't open squat... what am I do to, Stephen Wrighton?! Perhaps a sample comic bundled with the .msi would've been a good move, eh? (looks like it'd be cool if I had something to open)

Stephen Wrighton said...

Whine, whine whine...

You can find some free downloads for this thing at among other places (i.e. do a search for scanlations). The files that it currently supports are: CBR/CBZ/ZIP/RAR. To test it, zip up a folder of images, and then try to open that zip file.

Also if you noticed that a help doc. writer is on the "Help Wanted" list at the Codeplex site :P

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