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Data Cubing for fun and profit!

Posted by Stephen Wrighton on 22 Feb 2011

Amusingly enough, I'm actually am having fun with the data cubing stuff.

After all, I'm not the one writing the query that generates the data, but rather the UI designer/implementer for this.  A role which I'm finding myself fulfilling more and more often, as my boss is a much more powerful SQL GURU than I, whereas I'm much more familiar with the UI side of things, especially dynamic UIs on thin clients (web-based).

But, it's still grand fun.

And another that's still grand fun is my 'play project' eComic. Which the last version (which is nearing a year in age now) has over 10,000 downloads (running an average of 317 downloads per week these past six months, and nearly 1,000 page views in the same time frame) and 11,393 unique visitors. Which means that for roughly every 1.3 visitors, that visitor downloads eComic.

But even more importantly, and something that makes me feel good on a personal and professional level, is that eComic was used as a referenced answer in a StackOverflow question.  Additionally, it wasn't ME that used it as such, and I'm not even familiar with the user that did so. It was one of those anonymous things, that make it so powerful.

All that said, I have retired one of my pet projects (which had been resting in limbo, and being obscenely under-utilized), which was The Expanded Universe (a ficlets site). Which is due to the fact that there just was not enough traffic to the site to warrant its continued support.

That said, I do have two additional pet projects which I'm considering, one is something I'm keeping under my belt for the moment, while the other is a web-based version of eComic. That will probably be monetized (whereas eComic itself is not) in that hosting, bandwidth and disk space is expensive--especially since we're dealing with image files.

Oh well, that's enough for tonight, after all, I have coding I have to get done.

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