A Programmer's Dream

Webforms Are Dead

Microsoft has effectively killed ASP.Net WebForms.

Cost versus Value Pricing

I’ve been a consulting software developer for sixteen of the almost seventeen years I have been professionally building software. This means that I interact with customers to determine what they’re after as far as building a piece of software to meet the particular business need for that customer.

Cloud Dangers

Google has provided us a wonderful example of one of the reasons that important business information should not be stashed in cloud systems.

Recaptcha on WebForms

We have a project that for years used a library named MSCaptcha to generate a simple, 4 digit captcha on login, and other tasks where we need to verify that the person entering the data in the form is not a robot. Well, we are doing some work on that application, adding new features, and overhauling the layout, and the change control board has handed down the edict that they wished for Google’s reCaptcha to be used in the place of our current captcha element.