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From Code to the Boardroom: How my experience as a .NET programmer shaped my executive decisions

Dive deep into the journey of a .NET programmer transitioning into the world of executive decision-making. Learn how coding principles can shape one's managerial mindset.

IT Strategy and the Art of Bourbon Tasting: How subtlety, nuance, and a long-term view are key to both

IT strategy and bourbon tasting might seem like an odd pairing. Yet, both require a profound understanding of subtle nuances, a deep appreciation for patience, and an unwavering focus on the long-term outcome. This article draws parallels between these two distinct fields and underscores the importance of a thoughtful, strategic approach to both IT planning and bourbon tasting.

What IT Executives Can Learn From Anime Characters

From the cyber landscapes of Ghost in the Shell to the strategic battles of Death Note, anime has long since been a hotbed of inspiration and thought-provoking narratives. Anime isn't just a form of entertainment; it can serve as a remarkable source of lessons, especially for IT executives. So, what can these professionals learn from anime characters?

Differences Between a Good Manager of Developers and a Good Software Developer Lead

The differences between a good manager of developers and a good software developer lead can be vital to the success of a tech-based company. This comprehensive guide highlights these differences, providing a roadmap to understanding how each role contributes to the organization's growth.